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Little Marilyn had already got used to the
crazy stories that the Sandman told her and didn’t
ask so many questions any more. After all, it was a
good thing that the Sandman tried to give his best
and managed to make up some stories for her. His
stories may have been a little crazy but they were
nevertheless stories.
„So, how are we doing today?“ asked the
Sandman, sitting at the edge of Marilyn’s bed and
kicking up his heels.
„Pretty good,“ said Marilyn and stroked the
Sandman’s head, for a very long time.
„By the way,“ said the Sandman looking at
Marilyn. „My story today is about stroking
someone’s head for a long time.“
„Oh, really?“ Marilyn got very excited.
„That’s right,“ said the Sandman. „I’m going
to tell you a story about an elf and his adventures.“
„Alright then.“ Marilyn was ready to listen
and put her head on the pillow
„Once upon a time there was an elf named
Albert who lived in a thick forest,“ the Sandman
started in a soft voice.[/responsivevoice]